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Innovative Living is an experienced Quality Builder of New Homes and House Extensions based in the Adelaide Hills. Our passion is to build your Dream Home or House Renovation.

After 25 years in the building industry I have come to appreciate new and innovative building ideas and designs. It's so good to see people being creative with their building projects and thinking outside the square. I believe the most important part of a new home or extension is the client. The people who will live there. Is it really what they want, what meets their expectations and budget? To me the building process is forming a relationship with the client and working together to see their dream come true. It's an exciting industry to be in and I’m passionate about building.
I love my job.

Is it worth extending onto my house

There seems to be a growing number of enquiries from people wanting to extend onto their existing house rather than selling up and buying a property that suits their needs.

This may be because of a number of reasons including their connection with the area or maybe the emotional attachment they have in their family home. I suspect a big factor though is the current economical climate.

When I talk to people about their extension plans I like to be honest when I see that the existing house is a bit dated and run down and they are building a nice new quality extension onto it. When the work is completed are they going to be disappointed because they still have the same old house that needs upgrading.

Building costs are only going up (funny about that) and extensions are more costly to build than new homes. It can be a sensitive subject to suggest to someone that it may be better to demolish the old house and start again.

I like to think of it like the old car – do we add a few new features from the auto shop or buy a new one. A new car sounds good!

So is it worth building on? What will it look like when it is finished? Do you need to fix up the old house to bring it up to date?

Whatever the case, we can give our honest opinion for what it’s worth. And yes we can demolish the old house and build a new one as well as renovate the existing house.

Happy building

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